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Dr Yee and Associates, Optometrist

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Guelph, ON
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About us:
Welcome to Guelph’s Dr. Yee & Associates, Optometrist
For full-service comprehensive eye care, visit the office of Dr. Yee & Associates, Optometrist in Guelph. We offer a range of eye care services from eye exams and lab services to supplying eyewear and contact lenses. Prevention is an important factor at our office that’s why we offer the latest in diagnostic eye care services. With this cutting-edge technology, we are able to detect eye diseases and other eye health issues before they develop into more severe problems.
Our optometry clinic is a member of Optometric Services Inc Canada's Largest Network of Optometrists, which allows you to take advantage of:
- A large selection of frames, lenses and treatments, sunglasses as well as contact lenses adapted to your eye care needs
- Excellent quality at competitive pricing
- State-of-the-art technology for thorough examination of your eyes
-Personalized follow-up of your eye care needs
Our mission is to take care of your visual health: we strive to offer you the best services and products available.
Consult us for:
- Vision testing
- Complete eye health examination
- Contact lenses adjustments
- Contact lenses fittings
- Prescription glasses
- Lens treatments
- Sunglasses and lenses
Call us now for an appointment.
Trust a professional with your eye care needs…Your eyes deserve an optometrist!


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