Whitby, Ontario

R. Fernando Optometry

2 - 4091 Thickson Road North
Whitby, ON
L1R 2X3
905 655-6236
Whitby, ON Permanent Part-time 0-2 years
About us:

Our optometry clinic has been present in your area for several years. We provide you with a professional and attentive service, worthy of what you’d expect from an independent optometry clinic.

Our optometry clinic is a member of Optometric Services Inc Canada's Largest Network of Optometrists, which allows you to take advantage of:

- A large selection of frames, lenses and treatments, sunglasses as well as contact lenses adapted to your eye care needs

- Excellent quality at competitive pricing

- State-of-the-art technology for thorough examination of your eyes

- A team of optometrists and opticians trained in the latest optometric advances

-Personalized follow-up of your eye care needs

Our mission is to take care of your visual health: we strive to offer you the best services and products available.

Consult us for:

- Vision testing

- Complete eye health examination

- Contact lenses adjustments

- Contact lenses fittings

- Prescription glasses

- Lens treatments

- Sunglasses and lenses

- Laser surgery

Call us now for an appointment.

Trust a professional with your eye care needs…Your eyes deserve an optometrist!


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